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Kathleen Winkler

Practical books dealing with issues that impact your life... Written in a lively, fun-to-read style!

Books From a Christian Perspective:



College Bound: Advice for Christian teens heading off to college.  A treasure trove of information from experts and students on getting along with roommates, relating to your parents while maintaining your independence, coping with academic demands, resisting temptations to drink, take drugs and be promiscuous, nurturing faith.  Includes a chapter for mom and dad on letting go.
Steer Clear: A Christian Guide to Teen Temptations: Advice for Christian kids starting high school.  Advice from experts and teens who have been there on peer pressure, sex and abortion, drugs and alcohol, rock music, date rape and more.  Includes an important chapter on what to do if an adult approaches you sexually.
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Books for Middle School Kids:

High-Tech Babies: This book looks at every aspect of infertility and its treatment.  It covers causes of infertility (including how some causes can be prevented), how it is diagnosed and how it is treated.  It describes treatments from home remedies through assisted conception and in-vitro fertilization.  It looks at both sides of moral and legal arguments for and against various procedures;  it includes a section on surrogate mothers.

Award Winner

Bullying: How to Deal with Taunting, Teasing and Tormenting - This book looks at why bullies bully and why victims take it, and ways to deal with bullies.  It includes interviews with many teens and adults who have either been bullies or victims and looks at several school bully-prevention programs.


Tattooing and Body Piercing: This book examines the pros and cons of both tattooing and body piercing.   It includes stories from people who are pleased with the result and who regret doing it.  It explains the health risks involved, gives tips on finding a safe place to get a tattoo or piercing, and tells how to get rid of a no-longer-wanted tattoo or pierce.

Cutting and Self-Mutilation: When Teens Injure Themselves:  When people hear about teens who cut or burn themselves, their first reaction is "How awful! Why would anyone do that?" This book explains why teens sometimes deliberately injure themselves and how they most often do it. It warns of the risks in self-injury and explores how it is treated.

Cosmetic Surgery for Teens:  A look at teens who have a body feature they don't like changed by cosmetic surgery - everything from nose jobs to liposuction. The book discusses which procedures are appropriate for teens, which are not, and at what age they can be done. It also looks at the risks and gives guidelines for deciding on whether or not to have surgery.

Award Winner

Date Rape: a Hot Issue: Share the experience of date rape from teens who have been there, learn who rapes and why, how the legal system works, how to prevent it from happening and how to recover if it does.
Teens, Depression and the Blues: A Hot Issue: Listen to two teens who have coped with depression, learn why it happens, how it is treated, how to find help.
Vegetarianism and Teens: Learn the benefits and dangers of a vegetarian diet and simple guidelines for planning a healthy diet.
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Special Help for Parents in Crisis:

Hope for Parents: Helping Your Borderline Son or Daughter Without Sacrificing Your Family or Yourself: Co-authored with Randi Kreger.  A valuable guide for parents of a child diagnosed with borderline personality disorder; includes advice from experts and parents on aiding your child while keeping your sanity.

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How to Risk-Proof Your Kids: Advice for Christian parents on instilling values, dealing with the media sewer, teaching your kids about alcohol and drugs, sex and abortion, dangers in the gangs and the occult, awareness of depression and eating disorders.
This book is now out of  print.

Kathleen Winkler